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The decision to acquire a mortgage loan at NVR makes you a dynamic person. Well, you should be aware of the changes in the share, affected by inflation .

NVR Definition – Real Value Unit: It is an economic indicator, created in replacement of UPAC. It is applied together with an interest rate on mortgage loans, taking into account inflation. This indicator is affected by the CPI – Consumer Price Index, that is, it increases or decreases according to the cost of living.


How to choose a mortgage loan in NVR?

How to choose a mortgage loan in UVR?

If we see it from the point of view of wages, what can happen? For a person who pays his credit. As wages are also affected by inflation , income will increase or decrease. And the fees paid can be covered in the same way.

We can conclude that this system can be beneficial for a person who has minimum wage income. By having a low repayment capacity, you can access an adequate mortgage loan. The amount of financing would be greater with low fees, very convenient considering that the term is long.


Amortization systems when acquiring a mortgage loan in NVR

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Fixed fee in NVR (Low fee)

The same fee will always be paid in NVR. But as inflation increases the value in pesos will increase. When calculating the amount of your fee you must multiply it by the value of the NVR at that time. If we analyze the credit balance for the value in pesos, this will increase, since the capital payments are very small.


Fixed payment to capital in NVR (Average fee)

Fixed payment to capital in UVR (Average fee)

The payment of the fee in NVR, is decreasing. It means that the quota in pesos will be greater at the beginning of the mortgage loan, but gradually decreases. Greater capital payments are made, therefore, the balance of the mortgage loan is faster. (Recommended).


Cyclical fee: (Stable fee)

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The same fee is always paid in NVR. The change of the quota will be noticed annually, when it is affected by the CPI, applied in inflation. The fees decrease each month of the year, but again increase at the beginning of the year, due to the inflation rate.

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